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Someone who listens, a personalized approach and relief for your health worries: you’ll find it all at Winter Park Acupuncture in Winter Park. 


I offer natural solutions to pain, stress, allergies, insomnia, hypertension, weakened pelvic floors, bladder urgency and overall well being. Let me help you regain your youthful glow. Don't just settle for your current condition as a part of the aging process.  


Your consultation is Free! You have nothing to lose. Book your free consultation now.  Call 321-695-7896.

Take Back Control of Your Bladder!

If you are experienced weakened pelvic floor muscles, an overactive bladder, waking at night to use the rest room, afraid to sneeze, cough, laugh or lift heavy objects, or just horrifying urgency, you are not alone.  


This extremely common problem is never talked about. Your physician may say that it is normal after pregnancy or part of the aging process. The common solutions are pretty frightening and often don't work. Of course there is always kegels….. although they are safe and easy, kegels are a very, very slow way to rebuild the lower pelvic floor. 


But, there is a solution that does not involve surgery, electric shock, probes, or dangerous pharmaceuticals. Call me & find out how I can help you get relief in as little as 12 sessions. No obligation free consultation. 

Pain Relief Without Drugs

Acupuncture is excellent for quickly treating your pain. According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), over 50 million people suffer daily with agonizing pain. 


The resulting opioid addiction crisis is killing hundreds of people daily and destroying lives. Acupuncture is so effective for pain that the US military now uses it for pain and PTSD.  


It can help you too. Call now for your free consultation. 


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